August 15. Party in Alía

The Virgin of August is the date chosen by this town for its main festivities. A week, which extends in front and behind to offer a wide religious, cultural and festive program.

The heat favors the general animation, both during the day and at night. The activity is extended to the entire population and with activities for all tastes.

The “capeas de toros bravos” is the central event of the festivities. They are held over several days and bring a good number of visitors. The Plaza de España is the bullring for the occasion.

Verbenenas, mobile discotheques and theatrical performances are the entertainment to get from night to day.


Lately, the decorations of the festivities are the work of people, who selflessly are collaborating so that the people beautify their streets in the days of summer. With recycled material and your work, our town will be decorated at no cost.

The Fiestas de la Calera are celebrated the following weekend, so the people of La Calera and La Calera have an extended day.