Cijara Dam

In the last of the hoces we find the first of the three large reservoirs that irrigate half the province of Badajoz. Cijara, undoubtedly curious and interesting, mysterious and attractive.

New ecosystems that closed many doors during their construction but open a world of possibilities.

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It forms a large lake of calm waters where fishermen find a perfect place to practice their favorite sport.

Also lovers of sailing, with more than forty kilometers to sail an inland sea full of lonely islands and corners of unparalleled beauty. From the village of Cijara we will be able to set off on an adventure of water and nature that we will design according to our possibilities.

Only below the dam can we see the original state of the river until the next mouth of the Guadarranque River, where the alders and ash trees shade the river bed in summer and in autumn give postcards of great beauty.

In the little stretch it gives for the whole foot of the dam, where the village of Guadisa is located, built for the accommodation of the managers while the construction of the dam lasted.