Hermitage of La Concepción

It is located towards the southern part of the Boyal dehesa of Alía, where the holm oak groves end before descending the last step of slate to change to the soft undulations of the rañas.

Built on a wide hill that stands out from its surroundings, it is an ancient hermitage, rebuilt several times over time.

Dehesa Boyal
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Its location overlooks the hidden banks of the Guadalupejo River as well as the roads of Valdecaballeros and Castilblanco where it is located.

The pattern is very original, with three openings, like the small windows together with semicircular arches above the porch that protects the entrance, where the scheme is also repeated with the two large windows that surround the door. All topped with semicircular arches in rustic whitewashed brick.

The two naves that make up the complex are completely whitewashed. The roof currents are perpendicular to each other, which makes the whole complex strange and curious. Next to the hermitage there is a house for the santero and service of the same.

Formerly it was called “Aguas Santas” hermitage, because of the faith that the people and their devotees placed in it, when they implored for the rains. At present, the image of the Immaculate Conception is kept there.

This hermitage was destroyed during the civil war of 1936, but it was restored and brought a new and modern image.

She is also venerated on August 15 between 12:00 midnight and 2:00 a.m., which the faithful call “Good morning” to the Virgin.

The devotion that the people of Alía have for this virgin is so great that a niche with the image of the Immaculate Conception has been built in the place known as Cañada Gorda and next to the road that joins Guadalupe with Alía, inaugurated and blessed by the Cardinal Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain Mr. Marcelo González Martín on May 1, 1988.

Many townspeople and other devout passersby stop as she passes and offer prayers to her.