Old Bridge of the Guadalupejo River

There is no data on its construction. It could be attributed to several historical moments since it is located in a great Roman road that went from Mérida to Toledo, but it seems that most authors are inclined to the low medieval period s (XV).

What we do know is that in 1798, according to the Interrogatories of the Royal Court, it was partly ruined:

Camino Mérida
Mejor con guía
Every day
En la Ruta de los Molinos

The document states:

“On the Guadalupejo River and in this jurisdiction there is a bridge totally ruined and without use, and for the same reason the cavaña of merino cattle that by this river transits suffers notable damages and detentions in time of its crezientes and consequently this neighborhood suffers him not short in the same detention, because arriving many times to be verified for two, three or more days to hurry the food that could serve to the cattle of that one; Also it is very important the construction of this bridge, because it is very useful for the passage and communication of the towns of Cañamero, Don Venito and others of the interior of the Estremadura, and to verify its new construction at least six hundred ducats are needed. Without that in this nor that of Guarranque any portage is charged, if only the lord of this town charges the right of portage of the merino cattle, loads and others that transit this jurisdiction according to its privilege. ”

Today it appears to be mostly reconstructed, being practicable without major problems. It is out of the way, replaced by a new one that is part of the Camino Natural de las Villuercas one kilometer downstream, next to the ford that crosses the river.

It is visited in the route of the well-known Route of the Mills of Alía.